Supplier Registration

We shall openly cooperate with domestic and international suppliers for contribution of construction sector development and its hastening the growth. The purpose of collecting suppliers’ prequalification questionnaire is to allocate enterprises’ resources and production capabilities to meet our needs. All supplier information including prequalification questionnaire’s data, drawing, and know how, must be treated in the strictest confidence for 3rd party and only used for the purpose for which it was provided.

Please kindly fill out a prequalification questionnaire for supplier registration and submit it through or with its required attachments.

Please download Prequalification Questionnaire here.
Contact us: +976-11328942 ext.2622


“Урьдчилсан үнэлгээний асуулга” файлыг ТАТАЖ авахыг хүсвэл доорх мэдээллийг үнэн зөв бөглөнө үү


“Урьдчилсан үнэлгээний асуулга” ИЛГЭЭХ -г хүсвэл доорх мэдээллийг үнэн зөв бөглөнө үү